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Egyptomania. The Egyptian Revival: a Recurring Theme in the History of Taste

Author : James Stevens Curl

Publisher : Manchester & New York: Manchester University Press, 1994
ISBN: 0-7190-4126-0 (hbk)
ISBN: 0-7190-4127-9 (pbk)

A handsomely illustrated and thoroughly researched volume, a major revision and expansion of his 1982 publication, The Egyptian Revival. Curl added a considerable amount of new material, chronicling the astonishing persistence of Egyptianising themes through two thousand years of the History of Taste.



'Curl’s work might well come first in order of recommended reading. It is ... systematic ... and provided with a strong line of argument which is maintained from start to finish. His range of examples is most impressive.'

T G H James in Burlington Magazine (August 1995)

'Certainly the influence of Egyptian architecture in the West has been constant, if not permanent, hence the subtitle to Curl’s comprehensive and enthralling study of the phenomenon ... yet another monument to his knowledge and tireless industry. Never guilty of mere orthodoxy, he demonstrates the perennial obsession with Egyptian forms with a wealth of illustration...'

Gavin Stamp in Building Design (24 February 1995)

'Curl’s field of investigation is enormous ... He analyses the persistence of the Egyptian style with great pertinacity and imparts a huge range of information. The ground covered by his choice of illustrations is huge, and his bibliography makes a great contribution to scholarship and serious future enquiry.'

Gazette des Beaux-Arts (July-August 1995)

'Once again Curl has brought his formidable scholarship to bear on a subject which ... has not received the attention It deserves ... Curl moves with majestic logic through the strange history of this 2000-year-old European obsession ... Curl’s mastery of his material is as impressive as ever, and this book will be, without doubt, the last word on the subject.'

Dan Cruickshank in The Architects’ Journal (6 October 1994)
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